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Degree work for the month of September
Meals for Degrees and Stated Meeting Begin at 6:00 PM

9/5 - Stated Meeting

Tuesday, September 5th
Meal at 6:00 PM & Meeting to Follow

9/12 - Entered Apprentice Degree

Tuesday, September 12th
Meal at 6:00 PM & Degree to Follow

9/19 - Practice

Tuesday, September 19th
Practice at 7:00 PM

9/24 - 50 Year Masons Dinner

Sunday, September 24th
Meal at 2:00 PM

9/26 - Practice

Tuesday, September 26th
Practice at 7:00 PM

District 20 News

The District 20 Lodge Officer's Association will meet for the month of September at JC Baker #720 on September 20th.
Meal at 6:00 PM & Meeting to Follow. All Masons Welcome!


Bright Hope History

Recently, while searching through the records of Bright Hope Lodge, a copy of bylaws was found dated 1905.  These bylaws had been submitted for consideration by the Lodge, by a committee of Bros. JW Drummond, SL Tillery, and WM French, and were subsequently approved.  Included in the copy were handwritten changes and comments.

Below are some clauses from these bylaws; italics and notes have been added for clarity:

Article 1. Stated Meetings. The stated meetings of this Lodge shall be held on the Tuesday night on or before the full moon.  From the 1st of April to the 1st of October the Lodge shall be opened at 7:30 and at 7:00 during the remainder of the year.”

  Note: this was changed from the “third Tuesday of the month”

Article 2. Officers and Elections. Sec. 3. No person shall be Office of W.M. for more than two successive terms.”

Note: written comment states, “9 for op[posed] 3”

Article 9. Each member shall pay annually the sum of two dollars into the funds of the Lodge, at or before the stated meeting in December.”

Note: the original article set the dues at “two dollars and fifty cents,” and a written comment states this passed, “12 for 0 against”

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